Our Dewing Redwood Tree is 1200+ years old!

In March of 2019 a small team of researchers led by Steve Sillett – a world-renowned old-growth forest canopy researcher from Humboldt State University – came to Mitteldorf Preserve to climb and study the Dewing Tree, the large redwood next to the lodge.

Sillett’s team has been asking questions about redwoods and giant sequoias for decades, and have been building a dataset that spans across the redwood range with different precipitation patterns, elevations, stand characteristics and their distance from the coast. Looking back through time, they’ve developed insights about these trees and how they are responding to climate change, drought, fire and logging so that we can improve how we manage and conserve these forests.

He helped popularize a modified arborist climbing technique, now used by researchers from across the globe that does not damage the tree. Using this method, researchers venture high into trees to take crown measurements and core samples.

Dating the trunk back to the year 1197 A.D., they calculate that the Dewing Tree is at least 1286 years old! This means, that along with all of its other magic, Mitteldorf Preserve is the home of the oldest redwood tree south of the Santa Cruz Mountains. For historical reference, the Mongol Empire was founded by Genghis Khan in the early 1200s and the High Middle Ages were in full swing in Europe when this redwood was a sapling.

Learn more amazing facts about the Dewing Tree here!

Read The Honey Bus with BSLT

July 2020
Virtual Book Club

Thanks to the 30+ guests who joined our book club meeting last week. We’re thrilled that our survey said you want more! We’ve chosen The Honey Bus by Meredith May for July.

The story takes place locally as May suddenly finds herself in the care of her grandfather, an eccentric beekeeper. Don’t forget to order your book from Pilgrim’s Way Community Book Store at 831-624-4955. Learn more and RSVP here!

A Dose of Vitamin N

Camper’s Corner

Our Youth Outdoor Programs Manager Corinne Calhoun shows us how to find joy in the simple ways nature can show up in our own neighborhoods. 

Visit Camper’s Corner to learn more and watch the full video.

Coming Soon!

We’re upgrading our hike reservation system to serve you better.

Our hike requests have increased tremendously as more of us yearn for time in nature. In fact, we are fully booked over the Memorial Day weekend!

In order to serve you better, we are taking this opportunity to upgrade our reservation system. We’re temporarily suspending hike requests and our improved system will be available soon. We are grateful for your continuing generosity so we can provide opportunities for safe, distanced hiking out on the lands you love!

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