Hopelessness is the enemy of justice.

This week has been really hard. Our communities and our nation are hurting. I’m sure I’m not alone in having found sleep elusive. I know I am not alone in feeling sad and worried for our shared future.

I got into the work of conserving and stewarding natural lands because the outdoors was a place of refuge for me in my youth. Nature is a shared resource that all people should have access to. With your partnership Big Sur Land Trust offers these lands and access to time in nature as a source of strength and solace. 

The fight against anti-black racism, and racism in all its ugly forms, demands our long-term commitment. Everything Big Sur Land Trust does is rooted in our shared belief that everyone has basic rights to equity, justice, access, safety and health.

Bryan Stevenson’s statement, “Hopelessness is the enemy of justice,” feels more true today than at any other time in our nation’s history and we must all find hope in this incredible struggle. And there are glimpses of it everywhere. We are here with you to make this lasting change and we are committed to creating space for, learning from, the voices that most need to be heard. It is in this commitment, in this work, and in all of you, that I will always find hope.

Jeannette Tuitele-Lewis,
President/CEO, Big Sur Land Trust

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