Find Your Wonder

I hope you and your loved ones are staying safe and well. As a reminder of the beauty, joy and solace that people can find on many of the 40,000+ acres that our generous donors have helped conserve and care for throughout Monterey County, we invite you to take a moment to see our new “Find Your Wonder” video.

As we continue to face the challenges and uncertainty presented by the coronavirus, it has become clear how much we all need a connection to nature to sustain our health and sense of well-being. One thing we know for sure is that in overwhelming moments of stress, time outdoors can have a calming effect – whether it’s simply stepping into your backyard or a neighborhood park, or, if you’re fortunate enough, heading out to a magnificent open space that’s not too far away from home. 

We need your help to keep the lands you love healthy and safe. Since March 2020 the number of hikers on our properties has more than doubled year-over-year! This phenomenal demand means our small and mighty stewardship crew is working extremely hard to maintain trails at Marks Ranch in Salinas; Mitteldorf Preserve and Patriarch Ridge in Carmel Valley; and Glen Deven Ranch in Big Sur so that people can continue to enjoy these magnificent places while practicing all current health precautions. 

Your support is also needed for another important reason. Now more than ever, people are recognizing that healthy lands lead to healthy people and healthy communities. Yet there are many of our neighbors who, for a variety of reasons, cannot access local natural open spaces. They are missing out on the simple joy of time spent in nature that is so readily available to many of us. With your help, we can address this inequity while upholding an important part of our mission: to increase access to outdoor experiences for all.  

If you are able, please consider donating today. In the meantime, I hope that you can take some time to get out in nature and find your wonder. 

With deep appreciation, 

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