Update: Marks Ranch and the River Fire

Dear Friends,

I wanted to give you a brief update on Marks Ranch. After playing a critical role in supporting our local community, much of the property, including the water infrastructure, burned in the last two days. However, we are happy to report that the Hacienda along with other buildings have been spared.

Staff has been on site throughout the week keeping firefighting crews informed of the terrain and doing additional mitigation work. Mop-up crews were there this morning cleaning up and putting out hot spots. We continue working with the teams that are still staged at the ranch as part of Cal Fire’s incident command center.

The photos included with this message show before and after shots of the Brown Overlook Trail at Marks Ranch, other affected landscapes as well as some of the many wildlife tracks our team found this morning as they arrived on the scene. Though we are saddened to think of the damage to the land and the loss of wildlife, we know that with careful care, nature will prevail once again.

We are grateful to the Cal Fire teams who are working throughout our county and all over California to save human lives, animals, homes and businesses. We are also grateful to our dedicated supporters. Without you we are not able to maintain conserved spaces like Marks Ranch so that they are safe and available to provide support to firefighting efforts – or to carefully tend to these lands after they have burned so that they can thrive during their long-term recovery to health and splendid beauty.

Thank you for all your generous concern,

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