Montage Health’s Donation Enhances Conservation of Marina’s Sensitive Dunes Habitat

Martin Dunes, a nature preserve in Marina, will benefit from increased stewardship and responsible public access thanks to a land donation from Montage Health of their share of the property interest to Big Sur Land Trust. The nature preserve, located south of the Salinas River Wildlife Refuge, is an important component of protected sand dune ecosystems along the arc of Monterey Bay. The donation of Montage Health’s 5.5% interest in the 125-acre property means Big Sur Land Trust now owns nearly 74% of the undivided interest at Martin Dunes.

“We are grateful for Montage Health’s outstanding example of inspiring love of land across generations, conservation of our unique MontereyCounty landscapes, and access to outdoor experiences for all,” says Jeannette Tuitele-Lewis, President and CEO of Big Sur Land Trust. “Big Sur Land Trust’s managed access at Martin Dunes means that people can experience this rare, restored dune habitat through guided hikes and volunteer stewardship days.”

Successful dune restoration efforts implemented by Big Sur Land Trust make Martin Dunes a model for land stewardship in coastal habitats. Part of the Monterey Bay Dunes Complex, Martin Dunes is considered some of the best quality remaining dune habitat within this landscape. Conservation efforts afford locals and visitors the opportunity to enjoy the beautiful landscape while nurturing their physical and mental health in these serene settings.

“This partnership between Montage Health and Big Sur Land Trust is twofold,” says Dr. Steven Packer, President and CEO of Montage Health, “because we are supporting the proven health benefits of being outdoors in nature, and we’re protecting the sensitive habitats that make this area so special.”

Click here for more information on Martin Dunes and to see the press release.

Martin Dunes Invasive Species Removal
Saturday, September 23 & Saturday, October 28
9:30am – 1:30pm
Salinas River National Wildlife Refuge Salinas

Join the BSLT team in removing invasive plants in an effort to restore Martin Dunes. Removing ice plant and annual grasses is hard work but necessary to protect the biodiversity of Martin Dunes, which protects critical habitat for several special status species, including the Monterey spineflower, Smith’s blue butterfly, and Western snowy plover. Learn more >>

Walk-and-talk with Nikki Nedeff at Martin Dunes
Sunday, October 29
9:00am – 2:00pm
Martin Dunes

Join us for a 4-5 hour walk focused on the natural history and ecology of Martin Dunes. BSLT’s former Conservation Program Director/Associate Director of Conservation Nikki Nedeff will lead a walk-and-talk describing the natural history and ecology of Martin Dunes. This wonderful opportunity offers attendees the chance to learn more about this amazing dune habitat and nature preserve. Learn more >>

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