Conserving the lands you love throughout Monterey County

Big Sur Land Trusts works with willing land owners to conserve properties for a variety of reasons. We may acquire a property and continue to manage and conserve the land in perpetuity; or we may transfer a property we own to a park agency to manage for conservation and for public use.

Understanding that people are part of the landscape, we work to conserve both wild places and areas where people make their living. We acquire easements that ensure long-term conservation, while land owners maintain private ownership and continue specific activities such as ranching.

Serving people and nature

We also work on multi-benefit projects that serve people and nature. These projects focus on ecological considerations and community needs in a variety of places throughout Monterey County. As seen with our first urban acquisition of 73 acres at Carr Lake in Salinas, our approach continues to evolve, expanding to new communities and new ways of connecting conserved lands to people.

Our other multi-benefit projects include partnering with the County of Monterey on the Carmel River FREE project in Carmel. The Lobos-Corona Parklands project involves several partners in landscape-scale planning to knit together conserved properties spanning from Carmel Valley to Big Sur. BSLT is currently collaborating with California State Parks, Monterey Peninsula Regional Park District, and the Point Lobos Foundation on planning and developing San Jose Creek Trail – a 1½-mile trail connecting Point Lobos Ranch with Palo Corona Regional Park.