You did it! You raised $7 million for the lands you love!

Thank you! Because you met the goal, more land throughout Monterey County will be protected, more habitats will be restored and  more people will share the joy of open spaces.

We are so very grateful to Laural Foundation for generously matching donations!

Didn’t get a chance to donate to our campaign? There’s still so much you can do! Click here to learn about the many ways you can support Big Sur Land Trust and the lands you love throughout Monterey County.

Watch our video below to learn more.


Expanding Access: Creating More Green Space in Salinas

In the heart of Salinas, Big Sur Land Trust has conserved 73 acres of a seasonally dry lakebed. We want to transform this site at Carr Lake into a spectacular public park for a community in great need of green, open space. This new park will provide significant health benefits, a beautiful place to gather, and experiences in nature for all. Your gift will help restore wetlands, create community meeting space, and grow a native plant garden.


Seeding the Future: Youth Programs and Land Restoration at Mitteldorf Preserve

This magnificent property in the Santa Lucia Mountains has over 1,000 acres of oak woodlands, ancient redwood groves, open grasslands and miles of trails. It is the perfect place to expand our outdoor programs for youth and inspire them to care for the lands they will inherit. Your gift will help repair damage from the Soberanes Fire and make Mitteldorf Preserve safe for everyone to explore.


Sustaining Community: Restoring the Lower Carmel River Floodplain

The Carmel River Floodplain Restoration and Environmental Enhancement Project (Carmel River FREE) will create a mosaic of habitats along the lower Carmel River and new trails – all while helping to save communities from flooding. Instead of threatening neighborhood homes and businesses during major storms, the Carmel River will be reconnected to its natural southern floodplain. Your support will ensure long-term care for the restored site, keeping habitats healthy and maintaining public access.


Readiness to Act: Advancing Opportunities for Conservation

Big Sur Land Trust is tracking many spectacular, unprotected properties in Monterey County. We have to be ready when we're approached by a landowner. Readiness means having funding to evaluate conservation opportunities. Your contribution will give us the financial resources we need to protect these new lands before it's too late.


Stewardship: Caring for the Land, Now and for the Future

As we complete more projects and conserve more lands, the demands on our stewardship resources will grow. Your donation will support our McMahan Family Stewardship Endowment, allowing our team of experts to keep the lands you love healthy and resilient – benefiting people now and well into the future.