Marks Ranch | Salinas

UPDATE: As we assess the damage from the River fire, hiking at Marks Ranch in Salinas remains closed.

Marks Ranch was once a major egg production ranch, and home of Benjamin and Nisene Marks, who settled there in 1890. Big Sur Land Trust purchased the ranch in 2007, protecting important wildlife corridors. We continue to care for its beautiful rolling hills, woodlands, meadows, grazing lands and 90 species of wildflowers.

Much of the 816-acre ranch has become part of Toro Park. BSLT maintains its remaining 73-acres with the historic buildings in collaboration with Monterey County Parks. (The Hacienda is currently closed and secured for public safety.)

Since 2015, BSLT outdoor youth  day camps have been held here, providing youngsters inspirational time in open spaces. And we hold our annual Race for Open Space at the ranch!