Carr Lake | Salinas

Big Sur Land Trust owns 73 acres within the area known as Carr Lake in Salinas, California. The Carr Lake Basin is an approximately 480-acre seasonally dry lakebed in the heart of the city. For decades, the community has envisioned transforming Carr Lake into a "central park." With our acquisition of this land at Carr Lake, we've taken the initial step towards transforming this property into an asset for the community that will help address the lack of parks and open space. Big Sur Land Trust is especially excited to be working with residents, community groups and city leaders to co-create a multi-benefit central park that reflects the heart and soul of Salinas. The project has currently been designed to a 30% level through this robust community engagement process that incorporated ideas and needs of the local community.

You can advocate for the Carr Lake park project by attending the City of Salinas Planning Commission meeting in-person on Wednesday, August 4, 2021 at 3:30pm at the City Council Rotunda, 200 Lincoln Avenue in Salinas. You will have two (2) minutes to state your support. The meeting’s agenda is here.

Please join our community partners in requesting that the Commission recommends approval of the project by the Salinas City Council. The City Council’s approval is a critical step for the project to move forward in the long process towards construction, and it gives Big Sur Land Trust an opportunity to pursue available grant funding.

In addition to addressing community needs for open space and parklands, the Land Trust's Carr Lake project will seek to provide multiple environmental benefits including ecological restoration, water quality improvement and flood control. Big Sur Land Trust does not intend to be the long-term property owner and will work with the City of Salinas and community to create a mechanism for eventual public ownership.

Watch our videos below to learn more.