Youth Outdoor Programs

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Research increasingly reveals that people experience positive social, emotional, mental, and physical health benefits through time spent in nature. We believe access to these benefits is a human right. Though Monterey County is endowed with great natural beauty, opportunities to access these spaces are not equitably distributed across communities. Big Sur Land Trust’s Youth Outdoor Programs support equitable access to positive and meaningful outdoor experiences for Monterey County youth. Positive community-building experiences in nature spaces boost personal resilience, build confidence, nurture in youth an enduring bond to the natural world and deepen a sense of belonging in outdoor recreation spaces and among peers. We envision a future where all youth feel represented and welcome in outdoor spaces where they can develop the skills to become young leaders with a strong conservation and stewardship ethic who fully reflect our diverse communities and advocate for themselves and their communities' needs.

Our Partners
With deep gratitude, Big Sur Land Trust partners with value-aligned community organizations, schools, and youth clubs to serve youth of color, youth from low-income households, youth who identify as LGBTQIA+, and youth who otherwise experience access barriers and/or are new to outdoor experiences. If you represent an organization that provides services for families that would greatly benefit from equitable outdoor programming and would like to learn more about collaboration opportunities, contact program staff at


What youth and partners are saying:

“One huge thing I got from the [Youth Outdoor Leadership Program] was confidence. Usually this would have been a no for me because I would have gotten too intimidated, but I tried so many things that I will continue for the rest of my life."
"I was a little hesitant to come to the camp, however once Todd picked us up, I got a good feeling. The camp leaders were extremely helpful, patient and polite. They worked super hard and made accommodations for us. Being here was extraordinary!"
"I believe everyone should do this at least once during their lifetime. I'm glad I had an opportunity to do it. I would have never seen myself doing this because I come from a low-income immigrant family where both of my parents work all day, so I am extremely thankful for this opportunity."
Click here to read more of their notes that beautifully capture the essence of their various experiences at Glen Deven Ranch.

    What's New

    Back to the woods with you in the lead! Come back to camp and get paid to help build Big Sur Land Trust programs! Application opens soon. More info >>
    Big Sur Land Trust is updating parts of our youth program webpages. Learn more about each of our programs here and thanks for your patience as we make changes!