Youth Learning to Love the Land

In many of our communities, various barriers prevent youth from spending time outdoors in the awe-inspiring landscapes of our county. We are working to change this dynamic so that accessing open green spaces becomes part of a healthy lifestyle for all these children and their families.

At our camps, youth learn to see the world from a different perspective, gain self-confidence, develop a profound connection to the land and begin to see themselves as the next generation of conservation stewards.

The essence of a camper's experience during their stay at Glen Deven Ranch is best summed-up in a letter BSLT received from Michael L. Jackson, President & CEO of Boys & Girls Clubs of Monterey County and Erika Matadamas, Girls' Health in Girls' Hands (GHGH) Program Manager:

"The three-day experience nourished the body, mind and soul of the participants. It was empowering to hear about the initial feelings of hesitation felt by some of the first-time campers slowly disappear as they immersed themselves in the breathtaking views that Big Sur has to offer. The girls encouraged one another to try new things and supported each other during the long hikes up hills and mountains. We couldn't have asked for a more perfect or qualified group of people to guide and encourage the girls to step outside their comfort zone and take in all that nature has to offer. Using nature as an example of resiliency and community, GHGH girl leaders are ready to start the year advocating for the socio-emotional well-being of girls in Monterey County."

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