Author Meredith May Will Join Our Book Club Event!

July Book Club: The Honey Bus July 23, 20204:00 – 6:00 PM (PT)Virtual Meeting We are honored that Meredith May, author of The Honey Bus, will be joining us for our upcoming virtual book club event on July 23 from 4:00 – 6:00pm (PT)!  Her memoir reveals life lessons she learned in her grandfather’s Big Sur bee yard. She’s won the PEN … Read More

New Project @ Mitteldorf + Donor Survey + A Gift for You

Redwood and Tanoak  Salvage  Project In our continuing efforts to restore and care for Mitteldorf Preserve after the damage from the Soberanes Fire, storms and flooding in 2016/2017, Big Sur Land Trust will be conducting a dead tree salvage operation in late June. Except for June 25th, limited solo hiking access will continue with opportunities to view the work at … Read More

Hopelessness is the enemy of justice.

This week has been really hard. Our communities and our nation are hurting. I’m sure I’m not alone in having found sleep elusive. I know I am not alone in feeling sad and worried for our shared future. I got into the work of conserving and stewarding natural lands because the outdoors was a place of refuge for me in my youth. Nature … Read More

Our Dewing Redwood Tree is 1200+ years old!

In March of 2019 a small team of researchers led by Steve Sillett – a world-renowned old-growth forest canopy researcher from Humboldt State University – came to Mitteldorf Preserve to climb and study the Dewing Tree, the large redwood next to the lodge. Sillett’s team has been asking questions about redwoods and giant sequoias for decades, and have been building a … Read More

Find your next story. Find your wonder.

Do you remember the first time you felt a deep sense of wonder? Chances are, this experience happened in nature. Maybe it occurred watching birds nesting in your backyard, or the first time you saw a seed you planted sprout with tiny fluorescent green leaves. Maybe it was the first time you stood in the glorious shade of a giant oak tree. … Read More

Songbird Preserve is Closed

After large crowds visited Songbird Preserve this past weekend, we have made the difficult decision to close the site. We are taking this action in support of physical distancing as stipulated in the latest Shelter-In-Place Order. On a limited basis, we are offering solo self-guided hikes at our other properties. Request a hike here.

Happy Earth Day!

Hello Friends, As we celebrate the 50th anniversary of Earth Day during a time when many of us cannot enjoy the natural open spaces that we love, it has become clear how much we rely on the health benefits that come from being out in nature. At Big Sur Land Trust, our thoughts are turning to gratitude for the action … Read More

Stay Connected with BSLT!

Hello Friends, In the spirit of staying connected, I wanted to share this brief video message. As we shelter in place for the fourth week, our Big Sur Land Trust team is still very busy! This week we announced our acquisition of 83.5 acres at Patriarch Ridge in Carmel Valley. The ridge is an important physical connection between conserved lands, supporting important … Read More

You can still hug a tree!

Dear Friends, We hope you are staying well as you take care of yourself and others. We are happy to see an increase in hike requests! If you are interested in a solo hike on one of our conserved properties, sign up here. With the increase in demand, we hope you can provide 48 hours’ notice so we can confirm your … Read More

Add Some Vitamin N to Your Routine!

Dear Friend, Stay healthy! Research continues to show that parks and open spaces provide health benefits beyond just physical exercise. Fresh air and organic compounds produced by trees may be a natural pharmacy that can help support our immune systems. Along with other important recommended precautions, none of us should forget our Vitamin N — Vitamin Nature! If solo time in … Read More