Mitteldorf Preserve | Carmel Valley

Located in the Santa Lucia Mountains southeast of Carmel and home to Monterey County’s largest redwood tree, this amazing landscape was forever protected from industrial logging when Harriet and Arthur Mitteldorf provided funds for BSLT to purchase the property in 1990. Over 1,000 acres of riparian and oak woodlands, chaparral, grasslands, and a rare stand of madrone contribute to the beauty of this important watershed and habitat for several protected species.

Often described as a magic place where a close human connection to nature happens almost instantaneously, Mitteldorf Preserve is the next inspired choice for immersing youth in the natural world.  By extending our outdoor youth programs to Mitteldorf Preserve we can broaden our curriculum to include more wilderness experiences, inspiring our campers’ sense of wonder in the magnificence of the redwoods while building their confidence through teaching them outdoor exploration and survival skills. They will also learn the importance of caring for these conserved properties because during emergencies, lands like Mitteldorf Preserve are called into service for the community’s safety.

In 2016, during the record-setting Soberanes Fire, Mitteldorf Preserve served as a critical access point to the backcountry in and around Santa Lucia Preserve. Unfortunately, the fire swept through the property, destroying our barn and many beautiful redwoods and madrones. Five years later this natural, fire adapted environment is continuing to show amazing resilience. It is also an example of the immense amount of stewardship required in the aftermath of a fire.

You can enjoy the benefit of self-guided hikes at Mitteldorf Preserve by reservation only. Not currently a supporter? Donate now!