A Tribute to Alfred Diaz-Infante

Dear Friends,

Our hearts are broken with the news of Alfred Diaz-Infante’s passing. Along with people across Monterey County, especially the Salinas community, we are mourning the loss of a dedicated advocate for people and open spaces. Big Sur Land Trust has been honored to have Alfred serve on our Advisory Board from 2010 – 2013 and on our Board of Trustees since 2014.

Alfred was a passionate voice for partnerships and putting the power of advocacy directly into community members’ hands. In a conversation with Peter Forbes for Convergence: A Story of People, Place and Opportunity at Carr Lake, Alfred reflected on the meaning of power, “If you want to be a leader, you’ve got to take risks, which means stepping into areas where you don’t have all the answers or hold all the power. Poder means ‘to be able.’ It also means to ‘take responsibility.’ Poder in our language does not mean power over, but power with and through.”

Alfred used his many talents towards affordable housing, education, health, and too many other causes to name. He was a champion for equity and lived as a truly collaborative example of “power with and through.” 

On behalf of Big Sur Land Trust’s Board and staff, we are sending our sincerest condolences to Alfred’s family,

Jeannette Tuitele-Lewis
President/CEO, Big Sur Land Trust

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