August 2018 Dear Reader, Peter Forbes’ Convergence: A story of people, place and opportunity at Carr Lake looks at the beginning stages of a monumental, long-term project for Big Sur Land Trust. Peter – a respected leader working at the intersection of land, people, and communities – candidly captures diverse perspectives as we step out of our comfort zone and begin a … Read More

Mittledorf Preserve | Carmel Valley

Located in the Santa Lucia Mountains southeast of Carmel and home to Monterey County’s largest redwood tree, this amazing landscape was forever protected from logging when Harriet and Arthur Mitteldorf provided funds for BSLT to purchase the property in 1990. Over 1,000 acres of riparian and oak woodlands, chaparral, grasslands, and a rare stand of madrone contribute to the beauty … Read More

Glen Deven Ranch | Big Sur

Glen Deven Ranch is an 860-acre property bequeathed to the Land Trust in 2001 by Dr. Seeley and Mrs. Virginia Mudd. With abundant woodlands, coastal river lands, grasslands and wildlife, Glen Deven is an icon of the Big Sur landscape. It was Virginia’s dream that the ranch become an educational showplace for conservation, land stewardship and artistic inspiration. That dream … Read More

Carr Lake | Salinas

Big Sur Land Trust owns 73 acres within the area known as Carr Lake in Salinas, California. The Carr Lake Basin is an approximately 480-acre seasonally dry lakebed in the heart of the city. For decades, the community has envisioned transforming Carr Lake into a “central park. With our acquisition of this land at Carr Lake, we’ve taken the initial … Read More

Marks Ranch | Salinas

Marks Ranch was once a major egg production ranch, and home of Benjamin and Nisene Marks, who settled there in 1890. Big Sur Land Trust purchased the ranch in 2007, protecting important wildlife corridors. We continue to care for its beautiful rolling hills, woodlands, meadows, grazing lands and 90 species of wildflowers. Much of the 816-acre ranch has become part … Read More

Arroyo Seco Ranch | Greenfield

Owned by BSLT since 2007, Arroyo Seco Ranch is a natural wonderland located just west of Greenfield — an ideal setting rigorous guided hikes and inspiring a passion for stewardship.   It’s rolling 1,675 acres are linked to surrounding wilderness areas rich with native habitats and river and creek systems that sustain numerous plant and animal species. The property includes … Read More

Taking the long view…

Considered by many to be the father of the modern day “land ethic” in the United States, Aldo Leopold wrote of the importance of “thinking like a mountain”. In response to witnessing “a fierce green fire” in the eyes of a dying wolf, he considered the long-term impacts of losing a species. The idea of “thinking like a mountain” also … Read More

Hundreds gather for Take It Outside Celebration

SALINAS, Calif. – The phrase “Take It Outside” isn’t always a good thing, but on Sunday it took on a new meaning. Several Salinas based Organizations held the third annual Take it Outside Celebration to encourage families to power down the screens and enjoy the outdoors. “We stay inside, we’re in school all day or an work all the time … Read More

Public comments on Carmel River FREE due on April 13th

Monterey County held public meetings about the Carmel River FREE Project on March 26th. If you missed these meetings, you can see the presentation here. The Monterey County Resource Management Agency and Big Sur Land Trust have partnered on the Carmel River Floodplain Restoration and Environmental Enhancement Project (Carmel River FREE) to improve flood control at the lower floodplain along … Read More

Why BSLT supports Prop 68

California Proposition 68, the Parks, Environment, and Water Bond, is on the ballot on June 5, 2018. A “yes” vote supports this measure to authorize $4 billion in general obligation bonds for state and local parks, environmental protection projects, water infrastructure projects, and flood protection projects. Access to parks is a public need. Every child deserves to lead a happy … Read More