Happy Earth Day!

Hello Friends,

As we celebrate the 50th anniversary of Earth Day during a time when many of us cannot enjoy the natural open spaces that we love, it has become clear how much we rely on the health benefits that come from being out in nature. At Big Sur Land Trust, our thoughts are turning to gratitude for the action you’ve taken on behalf of the natural world by supporting Big Sur Land Trust. Your generosity means we can keep delivering on our mission even through these uncertain times.

When I’m looking for renewed inspiration, quotes from our teen campers — many of whom have never been in a wild, open space before — really resonate with me.

“On a quiet walk in nature, I felt that we calmed our body and thought of everything that has helped me. It made me think in the wilderness and solve my problems. It was relaxing to see and hear the animals. I dream of the quietness and how beautiful the noises are.”

“I had the opportunity to find myself and connect more with nature. I really love the wild and being here was a next-level experience. I had the chance to disconnect from the electronic world and leave my problems behind for a moment.”

Their thoughts take on even more meaning during this unsettling time, confirming that what Big Sur Land Trust offers through our various programs is beyond “nice to have”— what we offer is essential. It is a window into our deepest and oldest connection to what it means to be a human being: that we are part of nature and nature is part of us. With each experience we create opportunities to better understand that we are inextricably linked in an ongoing reciprocal relationship with our environment, we belong to a much bigger community and the decisions we make in our everyday lives really matter.

As a land-based conservation organization, our role is clear. Your generosity means we can keep working — even through these challenging times — for healthy lands, healthy people and healthy communities throughout Monterey County. And, even though our camp programs and other events are on hold for the time being, we have found other ways to deliver the essence of our work. Check out the stories below!

Wishing you well,

Jeannette Tuitele-Lewis,
President/CEO, Big Sur Land Trust 

Check out our NEW Camper’s Corner!

With the postponement of our Youth Camp’s Program, our Outdoor Programs team has gone “virtual” on BSLT’s new Camper’s Corner web page.

They’re finding nature at home and sharing fun videos with former campers and all of us. Check it out here!

Read The Overstory with Big Sur Land Trust

Thursday, May 14
7:00PM – 8:30PM
Virtual Book Club

We’re excited to host our first virtual book clubto discuss the Pulitzer Prize-winning novel by Richard Powers, The Overstory.

Jeannette Tuitele-Lewis will host a panel discussion with professional forester Nadia Hamey and BSLT’s associate director of conservation Nikki Nedeff. This will be an interactive Zoom meeting. RSVP here!