Mitteldorf Fire Mitigation Project Update + Community Climate Action Workshop

Cal Fire Crews Make Mitteldorf Preserve Safer

Over the last several weeks, Cal Fire crews created defensible space around the lodge and the legacy redwood tree at Mitteldorf Preserve. Crews removed ceanothus, surface and ladder fuels, and several dead, downed tanoaks around the lodge and the bunkhouse. Cal Fire will now be working with Hadley Hargrove, Big Sur Land Trust’s preserve manager, to identify and take down hazardous trees along older access roads so that additional critical emergency access can be available.

Hiking at Mitteldorf Preserve is now open – and your patience has been greatly appreciated. These efforts are just one example of how Big Sur Land Trust’s stewardship team is continually working with partners on fire mitigation to help keep our preserves and neighboring communities safer and more resilient!

Join in! Community Climate Action Workshop

Thursday, September 29
6:00pm – 8:00pm
Marina Library

Do you want to play a contributing role in creating a more resilient, healthy, and connected Monterey County? The County is developing a Community Climate Action and Adaptation Plan (CCAAP) to ensure a sustainable future for the community. They need your input and participation to better understand community challenges and key opportunities regarding climate change and adaptation.

Join the in-person workshop about climate change at the Marina Library, which will focus on resilience, equity, and adaptation!