The Work Ahead + Race for Open Space + Mitteldorf Preserve is Open

As we look forward to new possibilities in 2021, we wanted to share this message that our CEO/President Jeannette Tuitele-Lewis sent to California Council of Land Trust members, in her role as Board Chair for CCLT. The land trust movement is working for the lands we all love across the country! Thank you for your continued support.

The Work Ahead

Hope is on the horizon. Can you feel it? 

As tough as this past year has been with the convergence of many simultaneous global, national and state-wide crises, we see light up ahead. As a new administration ushers the first woman into national office and we witness the diversity of leadership strength in America, we are heartened by the promise of long-term progress and the invitation to once again rise together as one nation to meet our biggest challenges. 

Reverend Beaman’s beautiful benediction during the inauguration included “becoming better stewards of the environment, preserving the land, reaping from a sustainable harvest, and securing its wonder and miracle-giving power” in his prayer. As California land trusts and environmental leaders, we can collectively help to answer this call by working together and modeling the future of land conservation as a critical solution for helping to address climate change. Land has always been at the center of both wealth and oppression since the beginning of our nation’s history. And land, access to land and good land stewardship can be the solution to a more just and sustainable future. 

As we work to reimagine and rebuild California Council of Land Trusts to be what California residents need from us today, we are propelled by the opportunity we see on the horizon. We have moved to a mostly all-volunteer organization with shared leadership and a stronger focus on policy and goals to help deliver on Governor Newsom’s 30 by 30 Executive Order with land-based solutions at the center. The fiscal proposals being brought forward by both the legislature and the Governor’s office reflect the commitment to conservation and restoration of the lands and waters on which we all depend. California land trusts are community-based organizations that are uniquely positioned in their understanding of regional needs and can help to effectively meet California’s conservation goals.  

By working across local, state and national levels, our synergistic and collective efforts will help us deliver on our conservation promises. We are currently exploring a stronger partnership with the Land Trust Alliance to strengthen California land trusts and coordinate state and national efforts.  We are excited about the work ahead. Look out for updates and opportunities to be more involved. CCLT is, after all, your state association, and this work will take all of us. 


Race for Open Space 2021
April 4 – 25

This year, we’ve modified our Race for Open Space in accordance with public health guidelines. You can run, walk, or hike on a selection of breathtaking courses in Monterey County then log daily mileage and submit your times.

Not in Monterey County? No problem! You can use any open trails near where you live.

Learn more and sign up today.

Big Sur Land Trust

Mitteldorf Preserve is Open!

We are pleased to announce that Mitteldorf Preserve in Carmel Valley is once again open for self-guided hikes.

Find your wonder in this magical forest and see Monterey County’s oldest and largest redwood tree!

Make a reservation here.

Photo Credit: Emily Cole

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