Volunteer Spotlight: Irene Rosen + CAL FIRE @ Mitteldorf + Stewardship Job Opening

Volunteer Spotlight: Irene Rosen

We consider Irene Rosen a superstar for so many reasons. She’s a wildflower expert extraordinaire and an iNaturalist contributor beyond compare! You’ll often find her out on one of our nature preserves taking close-up photos of flora and fauna. Irene is a true force of nature as a prolific contributor to Big Sur Land Trust’s iNaturalist database. iNaturalist is a free app that enables outdoor enthusiasts to participate in collective science by uploading their photos or observations.

You can be an iNaturalist superstar like Irene! When you’re at a Big Sur Land Trust preserve, use your phone to take photos of flora and fauna. Then, when you have internet access, upload your photos to iNaturalist and learn more about what you’ve seen. This is important work that requires continuity over time in order to identify changes and understand patterns that could allow BSLT to secure funding for projects to protect ecosystems, wildlife corridors, and more.

Thank you, Irene, and thank you all in advance for adding to the database! Please reach out to Jenny Jacox if you have questions about using iNaturalist.

CAL FIRE Working at Mitteldorf Preserve
Now – Early September

Through early September, CAL FIRE crews are working to mitigate fire fuels throughout Mitteldorf Preserve in Carmel Valley. Self-guided hiking will be closed during this time. CAL FIRE is helping to protect the oldest known redwood in Monterey County, along with roads, trails, and critical infrastructure. 

Thank you for your patience as we continue to work with our partners to make our nature preserves more resilient!

Natural Resources Program Manager
Stewardship Job Opportunity

Do you want to support the protection, enhancement, and restoration of natural resources on the lands you love in Monterey County? Big Sur Land Trust is seeking a full-time Natural Resources Program Manager to help design and implement a portfolio of effective, efficient, and engaging projects that support ecological integrity, strengthen and build communities, and inspire a robust land stewardship ethic using a science-based, community-driven approach.

Click here to learn more about the position and how to apply.