Youth Campers’ “Marks Ranch to Martin Dunes” Experience and more

Recently, day-campers from The Epicenter in Salinas participated in Big Sur Land Trust’s first “Marks Ranch to Martin Dunes” experience. Corinne Calhoun, BSLT’s Youth Outdoor Programs Manager explains, “We started out on a crisp, clear morning at the Marks Ranch Hacienda in Salinas and ended the day at Martin Dunes in Marina. At the ranch we discussed, ‘What makes us/where do we feel at home?’” Through the course of the day, campers’ sense of home and belonging in the outdoors expanded as they made connections between the Sierra de Salinas range and the city of Salinas, and between the coast and inland communities.

At Martin Dunes, part of the wildlife corridor that extends from the Santa Lucia mountains to the mouth of the Salinas River, campers were asked to create beach art from found objects to represent the relationship between themselves, the mountains, and the coast. One camper commented, “Being outside makes me think of myself and how I want to do better. I feel more confident after today.” At the beginning of the day, another participant remarked that nature was not “his thing.” Yet by the end of the day, after seeing wild turkeys, breathing in the fresh air, and relaxing on the beach he was exhausted but sold on the benefits of being outdoors in nature!

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 Carr Lake Community Meeting

Wednesday, November 20
6:00 PM – 8:00 PM
Sherwood Hall
940 N Main St, Salinas

Join us at our community meeting for a presentation of new design ideas for our 73-acre site at Carr Lake! We’ll be asking you to share your views afterwards.

Childcare will be available, and food will be served at 5:30PM. An RSVP is appreciated, but not required. Please either call 831-625-5523 or RSVP here.

 Presentation: Midway Atoll Annual Albatross Nesting Census

Thursday, December 12
12:00 PM – 1:00 PM
BSLT Office, Monterey

Join long-time Big Sur Land Trust supporter and volunteer Jan Loomis as she shares her recent experience on Midway Atoll with the US Fish and Wildlife Service. Through humor, story-telling, and photos she will discuss the annual albatross nesting census and give an update on other current projects at Midway Atoll. Learn more and sign up here.